Natural anti bacterial bamboo products

Bamboo fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which is extracted from high-quality natural bamboo and processed by special high-tech technology, and then produced by glue making and spinning.Bamboo fiber products cover all aspects of people’s intimate life. Such as under wear, towel, bedding, socks, home clothes, T-shirts and so on .

Its health and skin-friendly characteristics not only improve people’s living quality, but also change the competition patter of related industries. Because bamboo itself can produce anions, anti-insect and antibacterial effects. The growth process of bamboo is free from pesticide pollution, and in manufacturing is free from chemical additives. So the bamboo products have natural antibacterial, anti -mite, deodorant, and anti-ultraviolet effects. The bamboo fiber are air permeability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and etc.

So what are the general functions of bamboo fiber

1 Antibacterial function
The Escherichia coli and staphylococcus can be multiplied in cotton and wood fiber products. If put the Escherichia coli and staphylococcus onto bamboo fabric, one hour later, 48% of the bacteria disappeared, and 75% of bacterial were killed after 24 hours.

2 health care function
The anion from bamboo fiber can reach 6000pcs per cubic centimeter. so the bamboo fiber making human body feel fresh and comfortable

3 Moisture absorption and sweat releasing
The porous structure of bamboo fiber are with good moisture absorption and releasing. so the bamboo products can automatically adjust the temperature of the human body.

4 Deodorization function
The bamboo fiber have strong absorption capacity, it can absorb formaldehde, benzene, toluene and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate the bad odor.

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Post time: Jan-11-2022